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Here are some of our Frequently Asked Questions

Where do you get your vehicles from?

We get our inventory from multiple different sources, Some of these include: insurance companies, salvage pools, private individuals, as well as dealers.

What kind of vehicles do you sell?

We specialize in damages vehicles. When we say damage, that means that the vehicle has either mechanical, accidental flood, hail damage, storm damage, and theft to name the majority. Although understand, we also sell ready to go cars with no damage done to them.

Do all of your vehicles have a Salvage Title?

No they do not, again while we carry many vehicles that do have a Salvage Title. We also carry many vehicles that have a clean title.

Do I need a Dealer Licesence to buy one of your vehicles?

No, you will not need a license to purchase any of our vehicles.

Can a vehicle I buy be exported?

Yes, but you have to check with your destination origin regarding if there are any laws.

Can I get Financing on a Salvage Vehicle?

Typically, banks do not finance the salvage title cars. but some will. Please remember, it is your responsibility to have funds ready to complete purchase.

Why would someone buy a rebuildable vehcile?

You get the ability to purchase the car you want at a price you can afford.

Who fixes these rebuilt cars?

All body shops fix repairable vehicles, and you have the individual who fixes it themselves as well. The only difference between a salvage damaged car is that the adjuster or owner chooses NOT to repair the vehicle. If you think about it all cars in an accident can be deemed as salvage.

How safe is a rebuilt car?

Much like any vehicle that has been in accident, whether salvaged or not comes down to the repairer. We will not sell a car that is irreparable.

Should you have any additional questions please do not hesitate to Contact Us

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  • 3111 Wiscasset Drive, Swiftwater, PA 18370
  • (570) 243-8765
  • (570) 243-8772
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